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Woman-made focuses on phenomenal women, making moves and breaking glass ceilings in their communities, careers, lives and businesses.

alt="Woman-made: Elaine Welteroth" In the course of my research for this new blog series Woman-made, I came across the name Elaine welteroth, and how she was making waves in the fashion and beauty industry. So I decided to read more about her. Elaine, if you haven’t heard of her, is the new editor-in -chief of teen vogue. Such a prestigious title has never before been given to someone so young. At 29 years of age, she’s the youngest person and the second African-American in condè Nast history to hold that title. Not only that, in 2012 when she served as beauty and health director of teen vogue, she was the first African American to serve in such a role. #blackgirlkillingit

alt="Woman-made: Elaine Welteroth"The path
In her early twenties, after completing her degree in mass communication/media studies with a journalism minor. She wanted to do an unpaid internship with ebony Magazine, so she moved back home to work as a waitress in order to save up enough money to stay afloat when she returned to New York city.
After she began the internship at ebony, she worked really hard that the opportunity eventually grew into a more permanent one, with Elaine becoming their beauty and style editor. She then went on to work for Glamour Magazine as their beauty writer and style editor after which she was promoted to senior beauty editor before transitioning to teen vogue in 2013 as the beauty and health director.
At teen vogue, she contributed to the boost in the magazine’s articles surrounding social justice, politics and multicultural content.

alt="Woman-made: Elaine Welteroth"

Elaine’s story is truly inspirational,  not only is she making moves, she’s also making history.

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