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Hello everyone, and welcome to the second installment of the woman-made series. Last week, I spoke and Elaine Welteroth, how awesome she is, and how she made history. You can read the full post here, if you haven’t already.

Today, I’ll be talking to you about Haneefa Adam, you may have heard of her. She’s the woman behind the hijarbie dolls.

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Haneefa is a Nigerian medical scientist, who wanted to provide an alternative option for young Muslim girls. She began posting images of the hijab-wearing dolls, and as you can imagine, this amazing invention took Instagram by storm. It was early last year., and she and had just completed

It was early last year., and she and had just completed a masters in Pharmacology in the Uk at 24 years old when she came up with the idea to create “a modest doll that offers Muslim girls, a relatable role model.” She said the idea came to her, after visiting the barbie style Instagram page.

alt="Woman-made: Haneefa Adam"alt="Woman-made: Haneefa Adam"The hijarbie dolls are barbie dolls, dressed a lot more conservatively in colorful head scarves, full-length couture dresses, and flowy abayas.

She wanted to dress up the dolls, in clothes she had made, to offer Muslim girls a relatable role model. The hijarbie dolls, since they became an internet sensation, have been met with so much positivity with requests coming in from all over the world. But despite its success, Hanifa, in an interview with CNN, mentioned that she’s had to deal with a bit of negativity as well, especially the misconception that women who wear the hijab are oppressed.

alt="Woman-made: Haneefa Adam" alt="Woman-made: Haneefa Adam"

The hijabarbie brand includes dolls of color.


Hijarbie is truly the first of it’s kind, and Haneefa is aware of that. She said in one of her interviews, that she plans on using this platform, to try and get the muslim identity to the world as well as correct some misconceptions.

And I think that’s fabulous!

alt="Woman-made: Haneefa Adam"

Jacquie xx

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