Weekend Staycation


alt="weekend staycation"After the craziest month, between the semester and summer interships I was yearning for a vacation. But with no time to schedule one due to prior work commitments, this staycation came as a blessing. My very good friend had his birthday at the start of this month, and to celebrate it, we all traveled to another emirate to surprise him.

alt="weekend staycation"alt="weekend staycation" alt="weekend staycation"We stayed at the most darling hotel, just within the city limits with access to the beach. I really wanted to spend the weekend relaxing, bonding with my friends, and eating yummy food and that was exactly what we did. Since we arrived late on the first day, we grabbed a quick dinner, and returned to play some board games. The next day was spent at the beach, swimming tanning and playing ping pong.

For dinner, we went to this really nice restaurant where the food was to die for. I had grilled chicken and vegetables, while majority of my friends had the churrascaria. I made sure to work off those yummy calories in the gym, they also had a spa and provisions for yoga classes, to make it a fitness retreat as well.

After dinner, we decided to go a little exploring and discovered this Arabian dance bar.

alt="weekend staycation"It was such a sublime weekend, can’t wait to go back! Until my next trip…..

xoxo Jacqui

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