Lets Talk: SmartDuvet the self making bed


alt="smartduvet: the self making bed"


When I heard of this invention, my first thought was I really shouldn’t have bothered myself in boarding school. I mean really? The appeal of a well made bed with none of the work? Where do I sign up please?

alt="smartduvet: the self making bed"

This makes no difference to African parents whatsoever. As an African child, you’re still making your bed by hand the moment you wake up. In fact you dare not bring this up. 🙂


SmartDuvet, is a self making bed with an air chamber, controlled by an app. It goes inside your duvet cover and once you’ve set it up, you can then program smart duvet through the app, setting the time you want your bed made. After it’s activated, smart duvet will then inflate the air chamber, straightening your blanket into place. This is especially handy for people who absolutely loathe making their beds or just don’t have the time, people with disabilities and elderly people.

See it in action, watch the video here.

And there you have it guys, SMARTDUVET. What do you think? Would you get it?
Jacqui xx

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