Red wine soaked gummy bears


alt="red wine soaked gummy bears"I’m truly excited to share these red wine soaked gummy bears with you guys. They are so tasty and very easy to make.
I’ve only ever tried soaking gummy bears in vodka, but this weekend, I decided to tweak it with some leftover red wine.
alt="red wine soaked gummy bears"To get started, all you need is a bottle of red wine doesn’t have to be fancy, any kind will do. I used up about 4cups of gummy bears and poured the wine until the gummy bears were immersed.
They soaked up almost everything in about 4 hours
See the difference!
alt="red wine soaked gummy bears"Definitely way more flavorful than the plain ones.
One important thing to note is that these red wine gummy bears are very messy so be careful. I let mine sit overnight in the fridge until they were no longer sticky.
I know it does take a bit of time, but the end result is so worth it I promise you.alt="red wine soaked gummy bears"

Jacqui xx

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