Red Bottoms


alt="red bottoms"I’ve always been drawn to the colour Red. It’s so vibrant and commands instant attention. So when my friend Sane sent me this gorgeous pencil skirt, I was elated. What could be more my style than a pencil skirt in one of my favourite colours. At first, when thinking of how to style it, I originally thought to do so with black pumps and a black purse and keep everything else muted so the skirt stands out. But on second thought, I decided to go with red pumps and a gold wristlet to match my jewellery which in turn complements the skirt.


alt="red bottoms"alt="red bottoms"alt="red bottoms"Jacqui xx


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    Tega Enai

    Such a gorgeous outfit. And your body is goals!!!!!!
    How are you still taking pictures under this heat?

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      Awww thanks so much beautiful. Lol it’s a constant struggle I tell you.

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