Nyx cosmetics: mini beauty haul


alt="mini beauty haul ft nyx cosmetics"I’ve been wanting to try nyx cosmetics for the longest time, and so I did. I was really pleased with my purchase that I went back and bought a few more items from them. I also picked up a few extra things from Maybelline, Revlon and too faced as well.
I hadn’t planned on doing a review, but since I was so impressed with nyx, I decided to share my finds with you guys.
alt="mini beauty haul ft nyx cosmetics"Alright, let’s begin (from left to right)
Nyx warm neutrals palette
This palette literally warms my heart. I was so happy with this purchase. Since I’m not really a color girl, I was really pleased with how well the neutrals went with my skin tone while still being understated.
Too faced lipstick in pink chocolate this lipstick is like a pinkish nude, perfect for when you just want a light makeup look. Did I mention how buttery and glowy it is?

Nyx cosmetics high voltage lipstick in Hollywood
This lipstick is gorgeous I love how vibrant and true the red is. It’s not matte, a bit too glossy but It is not drying at all and really wears well. The same can be said for the next nyx product.

The  nyx turnt up lipstick the only difference is that it’s a really dark purple lipstick.

The next one is a nyx matte lipstick in whipped caviar. This is also a pinkish nude like the too faced one but more on the pale side. I found that it works well if you mix it with a bit of color.
Next is the Revlon super lustrous lipstick in really red. I’ve been using this lipstick for awhile now, and just recently purchased a new one. It’s really red with a hint of gold to it.
Next is a liquid black eyeliner from nyx, It’s nice easy to use and really affordable
Next is the nyx born to glow liquid illuminator. This highlighter is amazing,  anti-shine it gives my skin such a beautiful highlight and the glow is just gorgeous.
I also visited the Avon cosmetics website, and I ended up picking a lipstick in mauve ice.
Next is the  nyx liquid concealer in tan, and then the nyx cosmetics doll eye mascara it’s nice but nothing spectacular. Next is the Maybelline new baby skin instant pore eraser. Really good stuff
I had only always used the Laura Mercier loose setting powder in ivory and just recently tried the nyx Studio finishing translucent powder. I have to say, it’s quite good but a little really does go a long way. The next one I discovered quite by accident, I had no Idea about stick foundation (I know I know) until i saw the Maybelle anti-shine stick foundation (I use the one in 355 coconut moka) is really good I tell you I’m currently obsessed with it. It’s so easy to use, I have it in my bags now for easy touch ups.
The next and final product is the Maybelline matte+poreless powder (mine is in 330 toffee) I absolutely love it, it provides really good coverage. I use it to set my foundation and most days, I use it, instead of foundation.

Thank you for reading ladies, do you have a favorite drugstore find? share them with me below.

Jacquie xx


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