The Daily Commute: Five ways to improve your journey



alt="five simple ways to improve your morning commute" alt="five simple ways to improve your morning commute"
alt="five simple ways to improve your morning commute"alt="five simple ways to improve your morning commute"


My commute has more than doubled this past year due to work changes and metro routes. It takes me about an hour to get to work and an hour to return (give or take) each day.

During my commute both to and from work, I’ve gone from gazing mindlessly out the window bored out of my mind, to sleeping through the entire ride (I kid you not)

Lately however, I’ve found that there’s a lot you can do to keep you awake, and commuting less boring so I put together a short list of things that’ll be sure to help you be more productive (and smart) during those long hours.

maximize your commute by doing something productive (and smart)

                                A long commute is great for getting things done

There’s very little I dislike more than a crowded train carriage, filled with all kinds of smells, sounds and sights. But, it’s a new year, so I’ve decided to stop complaining about things that I have no control over and instead channel that energy into doing more productive things such as replying emails, writing blog posts, editing pictures, planning social media content… You’d be surprised at just how much you can get done on your daily commute.

                                              Stay informed

Get to know what’s going on in your area, be up-to-date on world events,  keep up with the latest happenings on twitter, even stay connected with the current weather information. Use that time to get your daily news fix.

                                           Discover a new podcast

Having recently discovered the world of podcasts myself, let me tell you, it really is something else. I was very pleased to discover just how varied it is, there is a podcast to suit just about any taste or interest. I personally love listening to planet money and the nutrition diva on my commutes but definitely take your time and find out what’s best for you.

                                                   Learn a new language

The time you spend sitting in your car, bus or train can better spent learning something new. There are literally tons of free learning apps via your phone’s app store so no more making excuses about not having enough time. Just don’t forget your headphones if you’re using public transportation.

                             Read a book, or listen to an interview with a brilliant person

Reading a book, or listening to really smart interviews, during your commute, is a sure way to boost your brainpower and find some focus.


Do you have a long commute? How do you pass the time?

Jacquie xx


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    You are beautiful ! I love this look !

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      Thank you Serena, that’s so sweet.

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    Great post, Jacqueline! We are looking for highly skilled bloggers like yourself to guest post on blog. If you are interested just email me at

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      Thank you Jesse will do, and thank you for stopping by.

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    I live a 5min walking distance from my office but there’s always not enough time.I feel like living a travel distance away allows you to get ‘stuff’ done like in your case.. hahaha or maybe its just poor time management on my part. Good read 🙂

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      Hahaha you’re very correct Nicole having one hour definitely gives a lot more leeway. Thank you for stopping by Nicole, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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    My office is a 5min walk from my apartment. You’d think GREAT i get more free time but the opposite is true. Only advantage is getting home early, preparing dinner etc but in terms of progress that 1 hour ride sorta forces you to get stuff done like reply emails etc.

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      I completely agree I had to stop feeling bored and take advantage of the situation. Sometimes I even plan my weekly meals on the ride home 🙂

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