Corporate with me


alt="corporate with me"The most original wear to work outfit has to be the blazer and skirt combo. It never fails especially on days when you’re struggling to come up with an outfit that is not only fashionable, but work appropriate. This look is so easy to put together, I wore an open white jacket with a white cami underneath and topped it off with this gorgeous red asymmetrical skirt. You guys already know red is my favourite colour. To spice things up a little, I paired the outfit with what I like to call my “stripper heels.”

alt="corporate with me"alt="corporate with me"alt="corporate with me"

alt="corporate with me" alt="corporate with me" alt="corporate with me"

Jacqui xx


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    You are pretty

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    U looks Awesome. Keep it up.

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      Thank you Minu 🙂

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