How to clean your makeup brushes


alt="how to clean your makeup brushes"I can’t stress enough how very important it is to clean your makeup brushes. For one, makeup brushes are super expensive so cleaning them increases their longevity, It also affects the way your makeup turns out. Using the same brush for a while without cleaning it can cause the colours to mix and look muddy(You don’t wanna be getting a smokey eye when all you really want is a beige eye shadow)

Another reason and probably the most important one is that dirty makeup brushes harbour bacteria. From caked on makeup to dead skin cells, these are things that are really bad for your skin and can cause it to breakout.

There are lots and lots of tutorials on how to clean your makeup brushes, but this is how I clean mine, and I have found it to be very effective.

N.B: you should aim to clean your brushes at least once weekly

alt="how to clean your makeup brushes"What you’ll need:

  • Dirty brushes
  • Olive oil about 2tbsp
  • Antibacterial soap
  • Warm water
  1. OK so the first thing I like to do is to gather all my brushes and do them all at once. Even though it does take a bit of time, it makes more sense to do them all together rather than doing little quick washes after each use.
  2. Then I mix up the olive oil and the antibacterial soap,in a bowl with some water.(baby shampoo or brush cleaners work really well too, I just choose to use soap cos it’s right next to the sink where I wash my brushes.)
  3. I then dip the brushes one by one into the mix, and rub it on my palm, I try to swirl it in the direction of its bristles, from left to right.
  4. I then rinse it out and lay them on a towel next to a window to dry overnight.

To ensure your brushes last longer, you can squeeze the ends of the brush gently to remove any excess water and then stroke the fibres back into their original place, before laying them out horizontally to dry. Standing the brushes upright after washing, (in a cup or brush holder for example) will cause the water to leak down into glue and the bristles to become loose.

Jacqui xx


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    Am so lazy with this as well. Thanks for encouraging me again.

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      You’re most welcome, glad you found this helpful

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